Like the cool new kid from another town in Dumbo, an elegant splash from our classiest rocker.

KTANA - Surrender (FR16)

Bingo chop ain't always a loser Big Dot Drip Paint SplaT Chicken Dinenr To go.

The Pink Noise - Freddie Prinze (FR15)

New mantra for Mum. "I am capsizing" (repeat 12 times or as needed). Self deprecation (destruction) is the nouveau romance for us "arteests" in this new dystopian world agreement. Don't lose the angst. Well I couldn't if I tried. (woof). The noise is indeed pink. Delicious pink goo and sludge that drips from the wall cracks and reverberates into the abandoned fishbowls of weirdo-punks. Most of 'em 'av already jumped ship. Only most of 'em though. The Pink Noise dissipated for a while. Wen't up to the attic to play dominoes. Wen't down to the basement to brood. When The Pink Noise returned it was more agitated. Run through a washing machine agitated. The Pink Noise lives for you. The Pink Noise dies for you. What's the difference? Me no know

-Marmitte Rothko, 2027

Slow Dancers - Philadelphus (FR14)

May a honey'd spoon drip slowly onto your tongue while you listen. May a friendly wasp come to investigate and also put it's ear up to the conch. Fragility is portrayed masterfully and mournfully, juxtaposed with false gladness (try not to take it the wrong way). What are some synonyms for HappySad? "Beauteeful" and "Butterfly" of course. Visions of both Winnipeg and Toronto shine through here and the window which they shine through has a slightly crooked happy face sticker stuck to the bottom right corner.

-Concave Sumner, 1998

Blister Sisters - Flesh Orchestra (FR13)

Chewing on the fat

I am the pudding of life

You must watch and learn

-Softly McManus, 1812

SGVBR III - Definitely My Fault (FR12)

Hypnobeauty is here. You can make a snow angel without any snow and you can eat the warmth of the sun without breaking your teeth (even with a non-trepanated head). Does Love exist? For sure. Does it hurt sometimes? Only if you're a true person.
A.c.T 2023 A.D


Like the best part of doing the dishes, or the deepest eye contact contact with an emotionless kay nine. the police are not here to arrest you, but they’re crashing your party nonetheless. Is ‘buzz word’ itself a buzzword? Is there Yoga without YogHurt? Drip without Rip is cold in the D.

Soupcans - Pleasure Overdose (FR10)

Slurpy Southern Ontario Punk Music featuring members of Leg Lizard and ex-Tarp. Wants for nothing, gets what it came for it puts the lotion on its skin. Jeff Wayneheart on drums, Kendell Jones on guitar, and Jeff Masters on bass. Trouble your trou is hole in French Thanks you

Stucco - Moringa (FR09)

The second cumming of the second coming. A sensory remonstration experience that catapults Dimwits united into an intentional Dark Ages of self-reflexive empathy and anti-heroic mythology. Pythagorus' lesser known work: A2 + B2 = Me2

Man Made Hill - Angel Eyez (FR08)

Produced and Performed by Man Made Hill

Written by John Hiatt and Fred Koller

Chacra Musique Alternatif (Side A) (FR07)

Part of the much anticipated Freeerelease "bootleg" series, this new age music from Quebec comes from a garbage in Toronto. Free believe this comes from the early 90s. freeer records does not own this musique, or anything really.

EZB - 6 Songs for Listening (FR06)

Former CELLPHONE thraser returns to the sonic playground with a cohesive collection of punk anthems about false angst, real love, and calculated imprecision. Ezb's lowbrow cultural critique champions unemployment, confident uncertainty, and weaves a paradoxical nostalgia in alienation. Like an acoustic DEVO or Bolan with a sequencer, soundscapes collapse on themselves to reveal clever songwriting supporting the spine of this record. After sacrificing his former nom de plume to a Taiwanese rapper, Ezb (fka Easyboy) shares the first of 3 completed releases that share a bleak hope while the world ends around us. Up next: FR05 - DON'T SPEND, MONEY DON'T EAT FOOD

Cover Art by Darby Milbrath.

The President (FR05)

Toujours Ben Cold (FR04)

Toujours Ben Cold: A two hour long continuous mix of western-canadien, folk, religious and social music from Québec and French Canada selected by Félix Morel, André Thériault and Alex Moskos

Toujours Ben Cold: Un mix de deux heures en continue de western canadien, musique folklorique, religieuse et communautaire du Québec et le Canada francophone, séléctioné par Félix Morel, André Thériault et Alex Moskos.

André Charles Thériault - Blasé (FR03)

Theriault cut his teeth playing folk music in the beer rooms and coffee houses of Toronto and is now one of the finest balladeers in Montreal. That sound you hear is all the rest of the Montreal songstrels unlocking their phones and texting their bosses to say they are not quitting any time soon. On “Blazé” Theriault sings songs of wonder, woe and absurdity o’er top thrilling post-60’s guitar moves garnished with warm coast harmonies, underscored by sparse percussion and electroacoustics. The tunes are interspersed with languid synthesizer miniatures that buoy the proceedings with a cinematic sweep. Theriault’s narratives are situated squarely in the city. One imagines him as Thrasymachus bouncing along the streets of the polis and running into some bullshitting dudes. Theriault snakes smokes and stomps on flowers, hits the bar and busts night moves, bounces. Theriault’s zone runs so counter to the boutique-bought bathos and budget nihilism that has become axiomatic in the lyrical turn circa 2016 but fuck em. From the strip malls of Murdervale, Ontario to the biways of St. Henri we give you …Andre Charles Theriault.

-A.M. , Montreal - Aug 2019


Mystery! I thought it might be Andrew Zuckerman but then someone reminded me that he can't play an instrument. There's a bit of a Walter Becker's Hat Too Flat vibe, so it`s likely Dave Evans. Sounding here like he's got a lot to lose and has indeed lost it. That thunderous applause you hear is the whole world roaring their approval as Dave picks the pieces of his mind off the floor. On Exterior Stucco he proves himself to be a consummate harmonist. Here shredding like Liona Boyd; there sounding as damaged and god obsessed as Roky Erikson. But put away that copy of Songs of Love and Hate because Stucco makes even Lenny sound busted. This music is as much a pleasure to listen to as it is difficult. The voice is raw, the ache is real, the production is personal. There’s just no escaping the bird blues.

-Alex Moskos, Montreal, Aug 2019

DIMWITS - Dimsum (FR01)



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